>Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Celebrate Valentine season with the annual Spring Fling in-game event! DJ Zero once again hosts his Pocket D Jubilee! Just head over to Pocket D, the space between Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™ to enjoy special holiday missions, co-op holiday missions, and special holiday powers. The theme is romance . . . as if your heart hadn't told you!

Spring Fling Event

Special Holiday Missions

Widow in Red: Jessica Megan Duncan (aka Ms. Liberty) (Heroes) and Arbiter Hawk (Villains) want your help with a secret project involving the infamous Red Widow, Lord Recluse's long-deceased love. This new seasonal mission is available for characters level 30 or higher and awards the Widow Maker badge for completion.

Valentines: Many important Valentine messages have been lost throughout Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, and Praetoria. DJ Zero has charged you with finding these Valentines and delivering them to their intended recipient. Of course, you could be mischievous and misdirect them elsewhere for humorous results!

Valentines randomly drop from all eligible mobs in Paragon City, the Rogue Isle, and Praetoria during the Spring Fling. You also receive Valentines as rewards for completing other Spring Fling missions. You must be level 20 or greater and complete an attunement mission from Ganymede (Hero) or Scratch (Villain) to receive Valentines. Completing a Valentine mission rewards you with either Arrows of Romance or Arrows of Jealousy. It also gives you credit toward the Match Maker or Missed Connection badges.

Co-Op Missions

Completing both the Tainted Water and Plight of Eros story arcs grants you the Handsome badge (male characters) or Beautiful badge (female characters). You also get the Nectar temporary power (see Special Temporary Powers, below).

  • Tainted Water:
    Villains must fight Arachnos (yes, fight Arachnos) to find and bring back tainted water from the Well of the Furies. The catch is that to complete these missions, a team must have someone with a pure heart on them--in other words, you need a Hero with you!
  • Plight of Eros:
    Heroes must retrieve an ancient artifact, Aphrodite's Girdle, for Eros. The Girdle's location requires someone with a twisted soul to find it, and--you guessed it--you need a Villain with you to complete the missions.
  • Zero Trouble
    After completing both Tainted Water and Plight of Eros, you have one last mission. DJ Zero needs you to defend a portal from the troublesome Red Cap, Snaptooth, as many times as possible to convince Snaptooth not to meddle in interdimensional travel. This repeatable mission offers you a choice of these rewards upon completion:
    • Heart of Light (Heroes)/Heart of Darkness (Villains) badge
    • Partygoer badge
    • Greek Toga costume piece
    • Greek Laurel wreath and sandals costume piece
    • Hearts style costume piece
    • Random Medium Inspiration

    Special Temporary Powers

    Four special temporary powers are available during Spring Fling.

    Spring Fling Event

    Arrow of Romance: As a reward for delivering a Valentine, you can receive Arrows of Romance. Use it to increase the regeneration of friends or to placate foes.

    Spring Fling Event

    Arrow of Jealousy: You can also receive Arrows of Jealousy for delivering a Valentine. Use it to increase the damage dealt by friends or to inspire confusion in foes.

    Nectar: The Nectar temporary power, which warms the heart of even one's most adamant enemy, is a one-time reward for completing both the Tainted Water and Plight of Eros story arcs. This temporary power confuses and placates all enemies in an area of effect.

    Dimension Drops: Purchase the Dimension Drop temporary powers from vendors located in Pocket D. Cast these powers on other characters to give them a buff. If a Hero casts this on another Hero or a Villain casts on another Villain, the buff is only minor. If a Hero casts this on a Villain or a Villain casts it on a Hero, the buff is much stronger!