October 19 to November 04

Starts: 11:00 a.m. PDT, Wednesday, October 19, 2023
Ends: 11:59 p.m. PDT, Friday, November 4, 2023

From ghosties and ghoulies, and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night, deliver us.

Super Pack: All Hallows' Eve

Trick or Treating has never been so fun with our NEW All Hallow's Eve Super Pack! Halloween_CardBacks.jgp Halloween_CardFronts.jpg

Flip cards to collect all sorts of prizes from new Halloween themed enhancement sets, costume change tokens, aura and cape unlocks, and even 33 permanent NPC costume change powers! But be careful, you just might get a rock!

Vampire's Bite Vampire's Bite (Melee) - Unique Proc: Chance for Self Heal
Endless Nightmare Endless Nightmare (Sleep) - Unique Proc: Chance for Fear, Psionic damage if woke early from the nightmare
The Haunting The Haunting (Fear) - Unique Proc: Chance to summon Ghosts
Witchcraft Witchcraft (First-ever: Universal Debuff Set) - Unique Proc: Chance for -Res(all)
Return From The Grave Return From The Grave (First-ever: Rez IO Set) - Unique 6-slot set bonus, Mass Rising: When the Rez power is used, fallen allies near the caster will receive a basic Rez effect as well.

All Hallow's Eve packs can be won through a successful completion of the Deadly Apocalypse zone event or purchased with Halloween Salvage from the Halloween Vendors found in Croatoa and Nerva Archipelago.

Dr. Kane's House of Horror

The eccentric scientist Dr. Kane turned his home into a haunted house and has invited all of Paragon City to come and visit. Things are not as they seem in Dr. Kane's House of Horror, though. Visitors enter the mansion never to be heard from again!

Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_001.jpg Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_017.jpg Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_008.jpg Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_006.jpg

Dr. Kane's mansion is a zombie-filled nightmare, and while exploring it, you learn of the doctor's nefarious plot to transform the innocent people of Paragon City into a slavering horde of zombies. As you investigate the halls and rooms of the haunted mansion, you face off against Dr. Kane's freakish creations, including his greatest handiwork, the giant Abomination.

Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_013.jpg Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_018.jpg Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_019.jpg Halloween2011_Marketing_Logo_022.jpg

Succeed in defeating Dr. Kane and his monstrosities and earn new rewards, including the new Bats aura, and the Murder of Crows costume change emote.

badge_event_halloween2011_abomination.png It's Alive!
badge_event_halloween2011_mansion.png Is There a Doctor in the House?
badge_event_halloween2011_trick.png Tricked Out

Dr. Kane's House of Horrors is a co-op event for up to four characters of level 15-50. Access this new event through the Team Up Teleporter (only).

Monster Invasion

During Halloween, the undead pierce the veil between death and life. These monsters don't care who you are. All they want is to eat your brains. Braaaains!

Zombie Apocalypse: You can't run. You can't hide. Zombies rise from beyond the grave to haunt the living! No city or dimension is safe from their shambling, lurching invasion. Clear them before they overwhelm the streets.

Deadly Apocalypse: Haunting Banners appear throughout the world surrounding sinister mystic circles of power. These banners summon fiendish foes too powerful for any one person. Team up with other Heroes or Villains to fight these supernatural menaces together.

Trick or Treat

What would Halloween be without tricks or treats? You can go "knocking" door to door all week. These aren't like any tricks or treats you may be used to, though.

Treats and tricks include:

Rock (Treat): Throw your very own rock.

Classic Costumes (Treats): Receive a special costume that can turn you into a Banished Pantheon, Coralax, Carnival of Shadows, Freakshow, or other characters.

Trick: If you're not lucky enough to get a treat, a trick may spawn special Halloween enemies instead. If you and your friends manage to defeat one of the spawned enemies, you could receive special Halloween Salvage. Collect this Salvage and redeem it for one additional costume slot (giving a character up to a maximum of five total costume slots).

Halloween Badges and Accolades

Earn some of these Badges and Accolades during the Halloween in-game event.

Special Halloween Accolade 2010


Special Halloween Badges 2010

Artifact Destroyer Power Hungry Secured Trusting/Arriviste Veiled

Special Halloween Badges

Clothes Horse Fashionable Ostentatious

Special Halloween Accolade 2009

Hell and Back

Special Halloween Badges 2009

Dark Fiend Hell Hath No Fury Monster Masher Monstrous Terror