Rebirth Issue 6: Dawn of Genesis Overview

Rebirth Issue 6: Dawn of Genesis Overview

Pandora's Box has been opened unleashing the Genesis Wave, vast amounts of primordial energy that ripple through the very fabric of reality. The Genesis Wave empowers those that it touches, be they good or evil. Ride the wave in Issue 6: Dawn of Genesis!

Dawn of Genesis unlocks the next tier of incarnate power: GENESIS. Players will face threats throughout City of Heroes/Villains as the Genesis Wave empowers foes.

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New Incarnate Power: Genesis

Genesis holds the power of creation. By wielding this power, Genesis enhances the effects of one of your other Incarnate abilities, while also granting a new version of that Incarnate ability. Genesis Incarnate abilities may not be as strong as the original Incarnate abilities that they emulate but they can be used anytime while exemplaring.

Rebirth Issue 6 introduces Genesis with four types of Incarnate power trees to choose from.

Data: Increases Lore pet's damage and Max HP. Grants Data pets from the Well of the Furies to serve you.

Fate: Increases Destiny effects. Grants power Fate PBAoE Ally Buffs.

Socket: Increases Interface proc chances, Max HP and Max Endurance. Adds Socket power to most damaging attacks.

Verdict: Increases Judgement damage. Grants power Verdict AoE Damage.

Rebirth Issue 6 Dawn of Genesis Rebirth Issue 6 Dawn of Genesis Rebirth Issue 6 Dawn of Genesis Rebirth Issue 6 Dawn of Genesis

Pandora's Box Has Been Opened...

...The World Will Never Be The Same.

Coalesced Primordial Energy has started appearing throughout time and space unleashing great power on anyone basking in the glow of this energy. You might find Coalesced Primordial Energy and the foes it empowers during Task Forces, Strike Forces, while monitoring police bands or newspaper missions, or while traveling through time on behalf of the Menders of Ouroboros.

Rebirth Issue 6 Pandora's Box Open Rebirth Issue 6 Pandora Energy Foe

Coalesced Primordial Energy awakens the hidden potential of those it touches in ways that none imagined. Where Coalesced Primordial Energy appears your rivals will suddenly become a fierce force to contend with--manifesting as level shifts and buffs. Defeat them to start unlocking your incarnate powers or to progress to the next tier. Then claim the Coalesced Primordial Energy for yourself/allies and receive several lucrative rewards.

Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6

New Challenges, New 'Master of' Badges, and New Alpha Component Incarnate Path

Three new challenge settings: 'No Set Bonuses', 'No Incarnate Powers', and 'No Incarnate and Temporary Powers', pave the way for more challenging gameplay, dozens of new badges. Plus new, unique, and better rewards, and the first-ever alpha component incarnate path.

Earn 24 new "Master of" badges for conquering the Imperious, Reichsman (hero/villain), Lady Grey, Ms. Liberty, and Lord Recluse Task/Strike Forces using the following challenge setting combinations:

True Master of: Zero Defeats. No Incarnate and Temporary Powers.

Grandmaster of: Zero Defeats. No Incarnate and Temporary Powers. No Set Bonuses.

Legendary Master of: Zero Defeats. No Incarnate and Temporary Powers. No Set Bonuses. No Inspirations.

Secret Master of: Zero Defeats. No Incarnate and Temporary Powers. No Set Bonuses. No Inspirations. Enemies Buffed.

Rebirth Issue 6 Smash Force Challnges

Complete Challenges. Earn Greater Rewards. Get Higher Alpha Components.

Completing the new challenge combinations on these Task/Strike Forces will earn greater reward choices including the all-new Challenge IO Enhancements, 2x to 5x Reward Merits, Level 51 to 53 Synthetic Hamidon Origin Enhancements (Liberty/Lord Recluse only), and access to higher tiers of Alpha Components all the way up to very rare.

Best of all you still earn these reward choices (except for badges) just by completing the new challenges even if you fail the Zero Defeats challenge.

New Challenge Enhancement Sets

Challenge Enhancements are a whole new type of enhancement set that comes with a full set of set bonuses and also a full set of secondary set bonuses called (Challenge) set bonuses. Challenge set bonuses function anytime that challenge settings are enabled. These special set bonuses even remain active when using the new 'No Set Bonuses' challenge.

Liberty's Belt: A Resistance set that offers massive damage strength to those seeking its unique enhancement style within this category. Obtain them by completing the Secret Master of Ms. Liberty Task Force or the Secret Master of Lord Recluse Strike Force.

Inexhaustibility: A Special Enhancement among enhancements. Inexhaustibility adds an entirely new enhancement category called Rest Buff. It provides fast, passive regeneration/recovery outside of battle. Obtain Inexhaustibility by completing the Secret Master of 5th Column Task Force or Strike Force.

Imperial Might: This speical Knockback set features higher Accuracy, Endurance Reduction, and Recharge Time Reduction than other Knockback sets in exchange for not enhancing damage. Its unique proc converts Knockback into Knockdown. Its signature 6th set bonus Total Might converts all Knockback enhancements into Damage enhancements in the slotted power. Obtain them by completing the Secret Master of Imperious Task Force.

Forced Indoctrination: The first ever Universal Control Duration set which enhances any control effects in the slotted power. It also enhances the power's Damage, Accuracy, Endurance Reduction, and Recharge Time Reduction. Its proc is a chance for Psionic Damage, further increasing the set's damage-mindedness. Obtained them by completing the Secret Master of the Lady Grey Task Force.

Alpha Incarnate Path

Interface, Lore, Judgement, and Destiny incarnate powers can now be crafted using Alpha components for all power tiers.

Oodles Of New Badges

If 30 new 'Master of' badges isn't enough you can earn even more badges by running Flashbacks in Ouroboros.

Badge for 'No Incarnate Powers:'

Deincarnated: Complete a level 46-50 Flashback arc without Incarnate Powers

Badges for 'No Set Bonuses:'

Basic: Complete a level 1-15 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses Nothing Extra: Complete a level 30-34 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses
Minimal: Complete a level 16-19 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses Set Back: Complete a level 35-39 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses
Primitive: Complete a level 20-24 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses Simplified: Complete a level 40-45 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses
Unadorned: Complete a level 25-29 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses Unsettled: Complete a level 46-50 Flashback arc without Set Bonuses

Leaderboards Reborn

Community Information Kiosks were originally functional in-game leaderboards for tracking player stats released in Issue 2: A Shadow of the Past during the original run of the game. They were removed from the original game after causing performance issues. Special thanks to Pazaz for restoring their functionality.

With Rebirth issue 6, the long-dormant Kiosks spring to life once more! Kiosks will be present on both hero and villain sides. Players will be able to compete for spots on the leadership boards in areas such as:

  • Top Ten 'Victors' - Highest Overall Scores

  • Top Ten 'Punishers' - Most Damage Given

  • Top Ten 'Healers' - Most Healing Given

  • Top Ten 'Nemeses' - Most Mobs Defeated

  • Top Ten 'Arena' - Most Players Defeated

Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6

We can't wait to see who'll be the City's top punishes!

New Epic Power Sets

Martial Prowess is an epic power pool that has been expanded to Tankers and Brutes. Your experience in melee combat and your drive to improve have given you access to new techniques from various disciplines. You utilize skills from archers and warriors of the medieval age to ninjitsu techniques of the shinobi.

Munitions Mastery is an epic power pool that has been expanded to Guardians. Your Mastery of weapons and Munitions gives you tools to blast your foes and increase your capabilities.

Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6

Broadsword and Katana Proliferation

Power Set Proliferation has made Broadsword and Katana available to the Tanker Archetype.

Rebirth Issue 6

New Costume Parts and Expansions

New Undertights Options

We've added new costume pieces that are sure to help fill thematic gaps!

Turtleneck Collar for Male and Female characters. Located under Detail 2, these come in five variations; Leather, Fleece, Cotton, Zipped Fleece, and Zipped Cotton.

Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6

Headscarf for Male and Female characters. Located under Hair and Detail 2, these two variants provide various uses. The Hair variant has an extra colorable layer underneath the hood, while the Detail 2 variant is tight to the head and fits under hats/helmets.

Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6

Emblem Expansion

Graphic Cropped Tee for Female characters now supports most emblems as shirt prints.

Fingerless Tights for all body types

We've added support for glove diversification by expanding their sub-textures and adding patterns for over-the-fingerless tights.

Detail (2) Expansions

Certain Face Detail 2 options for Male and Female characters are now nested in sub-categories, providing a cleaner U/I as more costume options get created. If you're not finding one in the menu, it's probably in a sub-menu!

Rebirth Issue 6

Updated Costume Parts

Fighter Gloves are now available on both Male and Huge body types. They can also be paired with Jackets for all three body types. Additionally, finger textures have been integrated into the Fighter Gloves allowing you to choose hundreds of variations.

The Shinobi Scarf and Shinobi Headband/Blindfold can now be paired with Full Mask, Half Helmet, and Full Helmet categories.

New Master & Apprentice Robe Costumes

Introducing the Master & Apprentice Robes for Male and Female characters. This Upper Body Detail can mix with thousands of chest combinations. Couple it with the all-new Sarashi chest detail costume pieces for Male, Female, and Huge characters.

Rebirth Issue 6

Power Info Emergence

Ever since Issue 12: The Midnight Hour, players could access real-time power details through the Power Info interface. As powers became more complex, the interface became unable to convey their complex information. Although secondary resources like MIDS and Red Tomax’s City of Data are invaluable resources, we believe that you should have all power information at your fingertips.

In Rebirth Issue 6, we have enhanced the Power Info interface to show even more details.

Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6 Rebirth Issue 6

Check out the Power Info Emergance Dev Diary to find out all the details.

Quality of Life

Vigilance: Defender's inherent now receives a 10% endurance discount for the first three teammates and reduce the per health discount to 0.55.

Enhancements: Training, Dual Origin, and Single Origin Enhancements will degrade a whole lot slower.

Power Changes

Added Attract to powers that thematically fit. These powers can now Attract foes:

  • Black Hole (Controller, Corruptor, Defender, Mastermind, Ghost Widow)

  • Whirlwind (Wind Control Vortex, Synapse, Cyrus Thompson)

  • Quicksand (Controller, Dominator, Guardian, Tanker, Brute, Mobs)

  • Singularity Pet (Controller, Dominator, Mobs)

  • Warshade Powers

    • Gravimetric Snare (Normal Form Only) - Now attracts foes toward the caster

    • Gravitic Emanation (Normal Form Only) - Exchanged its knockback to attract affected foes toward the caster

    • Gravity Well (Normal Form Only)

Clear Mind now provides a minor amount of defense to Psionics to its target and nearby allies.


You can now easily pair gloves together with the click of a button.

A new option lets you disable the blinking email notification. Plus, emails will no longer discard claimed items when there isn't enough space in your inventory.

Apex & Tin Mage TFs: The time for the Incarnate Debuff to wear off once an Alpha ability is slotted or upon entering the map with an Alpha ability already slotted has been reduced.

For all the details, view the Rebirth Issue 6 Release Notes.