Rebirth Issue 5: Clockstoppers Overview

Rebirth Issue 5: Clockstoppers Overview

The Clockwork King is back and bent on world domination PEACE using his enhanced mind control powers. Can the heroes stop HELP his twisted BRILLIANT vision on the verge of becoming reality?

Rebirth Issue 5: Clockstoppers is jam-packed with new features including a brand NEW Synapse Task Force, a New Pool Power Set: Experimentation, a Speed Run Exclusive Enhancement Set, and so much more.

We are excited to reveal the highly anticipated Travel Pool Powers Revamp, along with Speed Run Challenges, Integrated Glowing Costume Expansion, and all-new and amazing Graffiti & Emblem Costume Packs.

But wait, there's more! A beloved classic power set, Force Fields has been revamped. There's a new Force Composition power set. Plus, for the first time ever you can customize your flight pose and even choose a different pose for Afterburner--AND there are even more amazing Quality of Life improvements waiting below.

Watch the trailer for Rebirth Issue 5: Clockstoppers

NEW Synapse Task Force: King's Gambit (Level 15-20)

Rebirth Issue 5

As territories shift amongst the gangs of Paragon City, an old threat challenges them all. Witness the power of a king on the rise and a violent crusade to end injustice once and for all.

Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5

New Badges

Collect five new badges by stopping the Clockwork King from taking over the city while under the effects of the drug Rage or by avoiding its use entirely. Rage has long plagued the streets of Steel Canyon. As the Tsoo expand their operations into Skyway City, they find new markets for their designer drug. Those that aren't careful may discover...unexpected side effects of exposure to the drug.

Ouro the original Synapse Task Force

Want to enjoy the original Synapse Task Force? Talk to the Ouroboros crystal and journey back in time to relive the events anytime.

New Pool Power Set: Experimentation

Experimentation gives you access to poisonous ranged attacks as well as powers that boost your attack power and the survivability of your allies. This pool's travel power is Speed of Sound. While active, this power allows you to run at incredible speeds and also gives you access to the Jaunt power. Jaunt allows you to quickly teleport long distances once every so often.

See the Experimentation Pool in action and watch out for explosions.

Experimentation is an origin-themed power pool that is mutually exclusive with Sorcery, Gadgetry, and Force of Will.

Speed Run Challenge Rewards

Rebirth Issue 5

Upon successfully completing Task Forces or Strike Forces with Speed Run challenges enabled you'll receive a random travel recipe.

Different types of travel recipes appear more or less frequently depending on whether the Speed Run Challenge was set to Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

  • Bronze features the highest chance for Running, Jumping, Flying, and Teleporting recipes

  • Silver features improved chances for Universal Travel recipes

  • Gold features improved chances for exclusive Speed Run Challenge recipes

Task Forces and Strike Forces have new time limits for challenge settings to make each one more obtainable while still presenting a reasonable challenge.

New Enhancement Sets

Synapse's Agility: This Speed Run Challenge Set's recipes are Universal Travel enhancements that can be obtained by successfully completing Task Forces or Strike Forces with Time Limit challenges enabled.

Rolling Barrage: This uncommon Targeted AoE set is available from level 25 to 50, and offers new combinations of enhancements. Additionally, Rolling Barrage expands the set bonus variety for Targeted AoEs.

Travel Pool Power Set Revamps

Running, Jumping, and Flying speed caps have all been raised by 400%!

We've overhauled Travel Pool Power Sets to give them three major improvements. Traveling should be fun! All powers should be desirable. AND Damage matters!

Watch the Super Speed UP!! Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Better trailer for a blast of what's in store.

In the Travel revamp the Speed Pool ramps up MPH, the Flight Pool dives into a new landing, the Leaping Pool flips the script on its powers, and the Teleportation Pool cuts loose in combat.

Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5
Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5 Sentinel

Speed Pool

  • Flurry: Attack type changed from single-target melee to narrow melee cone and it now grants a short duration Defense buff to Melee and Lethal attacks.

  • Hasten: Now increases Run speed and accepts Run and Universal Travel Enhancements.

  • Whirlwind: Gains a 25ft. radius Attract effect, pulling foes to you. When foes get into your Melee range they take damage and get knocked back.

  • Burnout: Upon activation grants 60s of moderate defense buffs, a large Run speed increase, and resistance to slow effects. Burnout now has a reduced cooldown and additional synergies with Flurry and Whirlwind.

Leaping Pool

  • Jump Kick: Higher damage, chance to stun, and best of all you actually jump to your target now from up to 30 ft away.

  • Combat Jumping: Now stacks with other jump and run powers.

  • Acrobatics: Now boosts your defenses and increases jumping height and speed.

  • Spring Attack: Now has a significantly shorter cooldown and grants a short burst of a large jumping height and speed buff.

Flight Pool

  • Hover: Now stacks with other flight powers.

  • Air Superiority: Perfect after a bump in damage.

  • Aerobatics: A toggle that boosts your defenses and increases your fly speed and flight control. Aerobatics unlocks Group Fly mode for Fly.

  • Dive Attack: Instantly swoop down and crash into the ground, dealing smashing damage to nearby foes. Dive Attack unlocks Afterburner for Fly.

Teleportation Pool

  • Recall: Teleport any ally or foe to you in a single click.

  • Blink: Teleport yourself to a single foe and launch a surprise attack. This power also boosts your defense to all but psionics briefly.

  • Blink Blitz: Teleport yourself to a targeted foe and launch a barrage of attacks on any foes near the target's location. This power also boosts your defense to all but psionics briefly. Blink Blitz unlocks Team Teleport mode for Teleport.

  • Mass Translocate: Teleport a group of foes in close proximity to each other to your location. Mass Translocate unlocks Long Range Teleport.

The Travel Pool update is so massive you'll need to check out the Travel Pool Revamp Patch Notes to find out all the details.

Force Field Revamp

Force Field has received a much needed revamp. Force Field players will now enjoy a much wider range of utility on the battlefield! We've introduced new mechanics that emphasize active play and superior positional control.

Watch the Force Field Revamp trailer.

Alongside this revamp, Force Field becomes available to corruptors for the first time as well as to Guardians in the new Force Composition power set.

Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5

  • Force Bolt: Gains significant damage and can stun the target, and also inflicts splash knockdown on nearby targets for additional utility.

  • Barrier Field: This renamed power has the same effect as Detention Field on foes, but can now be used on allies as well with altered effects, briefly granting them a strong amount of absorption without preventing them from attacking.

  • Force Bubble: Now inflicts a significant slow and damage debuff on affected enemies. YOU can now control whether the repel effect is ON or OFF just by activating Repulsion Field, which now comes free with Force Bubble!

  • Containment Shell: A new location area power that immobilizes targets and pulls them inward. Captured foes are also immune to Repel and convert Knockback into Knockdown, so you can throw targets into the field and it will keep them there!

But wait. There's more! To see the full details, view the Force Field Revamp Patch Notes!

Glowing Costumes and Skins Expansions

New Undertights Options

Male and female integrated tights now include ALL of Issue 4's glowing and animated skins. A halter top for your specter? Briefs for your plasma being? You can do that!

All female integrated tights now have access to the legacy Cryptic female Muscular texture for under-tights sub-options.

Lastly, a high-hipped Bikini 2 has been added to female options, fully integrated. Pairs with the High Hipped Leotard lower body for a bathing suit look or mix and match with other pants for a saucy, youthful vibe!

Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5

Classic Cryptic and Paragon Options now integrated

Many classic female options, including Angelic Plus, Excess Plus, and Imperial Dynasty have been fully integrated. Males get fully integrated Tank Top, Tanker, and Tee Shirt options.

Extended Natural Skin Tones

We've added 4 new carefully crafted and curated rows of natural skin tones to the character creator. There is now a much better range of golden, olive, and ruddy hues available!

Rebirth Issue 5

Random Color Selection on New Characters: Ever feel creatively blocked seeing the same peach skin tone and black and white tights when making a new character? Us too. Starting colors are now randomized to jump start imaginations!

New Emblem Packs

Graffiti Emblem Pack

After some grit? Look for the new Graffiti Symbols sub-category on Chest Details or Shield Emblems.

Find familiar favorites, including lightning bolts, mystic symbols, and clenched fists. Look for Rebirth-specific emblems like the twin rats, rabbit, and smiley face as well!

There's even a new crossed-out Arachnos emblem unlocked via the Spider Smasher badge in-game!

Rebirth Emblem Pack 3

Get your animals, meta-domino masks, sweet treats, green thumb, and retro gamer on with this latest chest and shield emblem pack! See included image for full contents of this pack.

Find them at the bottom of the Symbol sub-category of Chest Details or Shield Emblems, starting with Angel's Food and ending with Unicorns.

Surgical Four Color Support: Easily modify 4-color customization options on the Wedding Tux and Cybertech coattails, the cloth details on your Cosmic Corsair, Tech Knight, Gunslinger belts, and Wedding Veil--all with quick, convenient ease!

Costume Presets: We added a number of new preset costume options featuring many of our finest new and unique costume parts. We upgraded some old ones with new and unique parts on male and female models.

Look for the following new presets: Dia de los Muertos, Golden Age, Hippie, Incandescence, Neon, Pilot, Pirate 1, Pirate 2, Prismatic, Radium, Sand, Spectral, Super Spy, Winged 1, and Winged 2.

Rebirth Issue 5

Quality of Life

New Flight Poses

You can now customize your flight pose. Choose from Classic, Heroic, Soaring, and Driven for your Fly and Energy Flight powers.

Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5

Rebirth Issue 5 Rebirth Issue 5

You can also choose a second flight pose for when you activate Afterburner and Quantum Acceleration. You can now mix and match custom flight poses!

Changes to Powers

Ninja Assault and Military Assault power sets are now available to Dominators

Unrelenting This power now has its ability to prevent crashes from other powers. Activate this power before initiating most crash powers in order to prevent their crashes from occurring. The tier 9 powers from Melee Defense sets are automatically negated just by training this power.


Stone Armor - Toggles will no longer detoggle when Granite Armor is active. While Granite Armor is active these toggle's effects will suppress and they will grant endurance to offset their toggle costs.


Super Reflexes Agile, Dodge, and Lucky now accept resistance enhancements.


Gift of the Ancients: Defense/Increased Run Speed Movement Speed has been increased from 7.5% to 10.5%. It now grants movement speed increases to Jump and Fly as well.

New and Abbreviated Slash Commands

New and abbreviated slash commands are here to help players. Macro-lovers can rejoice as abbreviated commands shorten macors. We're excited to find out what macro-players will use the new space for?

Slash Command Preview:

  • /screenfile "foldername" - allows you to save images to a custom folder.

  • px_na = powexec_name - Executes a power with the given name.

  • ip_nm = inspexec_name - Activate an inspiration by name.

  • em = enemy / fd = friend / mp = mypet / dd = defeated

Ther are over 40 new slash commands, view them all in the Rebirth Issue 5 Slash Commands Developer Diary.

For all the details, view the Rebirth Issue 5 Release Notes.