Issue 5 Overview

Issue 5 Overview


New Zone: Croatoa. Designed to challenge characters level 25 to 35 in a mysterious region infamous for its links to powerful magical forces and deadly creatures.

New Villains: The Cabal of witches, the nasty imps called Red Caps, the giant Fir Bolg and the legendary Tuatha de Dannan rule this realm.

New Task Force: Perform missions for contacts in Croatoa to unlock the exclusive task force.

New Power Sets:

  • Archery for Defenders and Blasters
  • Trick Arrows for Defenders and Controllers
  • Sonic Blast for Blasters and Defenders
  • Sonic Debuff for Defenders and Controllers

New Badges for epic character accomplishments and special badges for events within Croatoa.

New Zone Events:

  • Hellion Arson: The Hellions are torching buildings and it's up to the heroes to snuff them out!
  • Troll Rave: There's an upgraded Superadine source and the trolls are overdosing to create "Super-Trolls" that are out of control!

New Debt System: Half XP Debt when characters are defeated in missions and no XP Debt until Level 10!

Mission Customization Many existing missions have been updated with hostage escort missions, villain wave attacks and more!