Issue 3 Overview

Issue 3 Overview

Many conflicts in Paragon City rage openly across the streets on a daily basis. These combats can draw the attention of the public and heroes alike away from other battles that are occurring in the shadows. For decades a web of deception has been woven among the ranks of the 5 th Column. For an even longer time an alien race has used earth as a refuge. Now these dangers are surfacing in a violent and explosive way. What’s worse is that they seem to be connected. The heroes of Paragon City must now face these new threats hatched from:

A Council of War

New Zone: Striga Isle (Security Level 20 – 29 recommended)

  • Smugglers on Talos Island and Independence Port can secure passage for anyone Security Level 20 or over to Striga Isle, an island just off the coast of the United States in international waters. This criminal haven is rumored to be a stronghold and training center for Council troops.
  • Heroes interested in investigating the island are advised to contact Stephanie Peebles near the docks.

New Villain Group: The Council (All Security Levels)

  • An internal coup d’etat has shattered the 5 th Column, and from their remnants, a new villain group, the Council has emerged. Rumor has it that the Council is not as new as we would be led to believe. Heroes are urged to investigate every aspect of this new group across all Security Levels.

Zone Events

  • Dock workers in Independence Port have gone on strike until their security can be ensured (Giant Octopus problem). Also, Independence Port and Talos Island citizens are reporting sightings of ghosts haunting the waterways. Levels 22 – 29 and 20 -27 respectively).
  • The Clockwork King is hard at work on something big in Kings Row. (Levels 5 – 10)

Epic Archetypes

  • Upon attaining level 50, you will unlock the first Epic Archetype available in City of Heroes. The Kheldians are a race of energy beings that have made Earth their new home. Kheldians and their dark cousins, the Nictus, attach to humans and form a symbiotic relationship with them.
  • You can play one of two new Archetypes, Peacebringers are the typical Kheldians, while Warshades are reformed Nictus who now fight for good.
  • Peacebringers are Natural Origin, while Warshades are Science based.
  • Peacebringers and Warshades have only one Primary and one Secondary Powerset to choose from, but these powersets have more powers to choose from than a normal powerset.
  • Kheldians and Nictus both have a severe vulnerability to a specific type of energy. Unfortunately sinister forces have made every villain group in Paragon City aware of this, and even supplied some with weapons that can severely hurt Kheldians. Be wary of villains wielding strange weapons, and the mysterious Void Hunters.

Ancillary Power Pools

  • Upon reaching level 41 , you gain the ability to choose from a new set of Ancillary Power Pools to help round out your character. You can only choose one of these Pools, so make your choice wisely


  • Cold Mastery
  • Force Mastery
  • Flame Mastery
  • Munitions Mastery


  • Stone Mastery
  • Fire Mastery
  • Ice Mastery
  • Primal Forces Mastery
  • Psionic Mastery


  • Dark Mastery
  • Power Mastery
  • Psychic Mastery
  • Electricity Mastery


  • Body Mastery
  • Darkness Mastery
  • Weapon Mastery


  • Energy Mastery
  • Pyre Mastery
  • Arctic Mastery
  • Earth Mastery