Issue 21: Convergence Overview

Issue 21: Convergence Overview

Issue 21: Convergence is the inaugural game content issue for City of Heroes Freedomâ„¢. Issue 21: Convergence gives you the fantastic game content that you expect from City of Heroes, and includes a new zone, giant monsters, an Incarnate Trial, a power set, costume sets, and a new starting experience.

New Zone: First Ward*

First Ward is one of Emperor Cole's biggest secrets. It was his original settlement and greatest failure. Most of Praetoria believes that it was lost to the Devouring Earth in a devastating attack and is now an uninhabited, empty wasteland. The reality is far more sinister. First Ward is where the Praetorian Empire tests its most dangerous weapons and trains its elite forces. But even they have been unable to stamp out the mysterious Carnival of Light, which has long called First Ward home.

New Giant Monster: Seed of Hamidon

The Seed of Hamidon roams the warped skies of First Ward. This giant flying monster was dispatched by Hamidon to infest First Ward and transform it into a haven for the Devouring Earth. Face off against the Seed of Hamidon during massive zone events, earning rare rewards if you defeat it.

New Incarnate Trial: The Underground

The Devouring Earth hasn't disappeared from Praetoria. In fact, it's been hiding, plotting its return. At Level 50, you discover that underneath the seemingly utopian streets of Praetoria lies the hidden lair of the Devouring Earth. Team up with Desdemona (a Rogue) to battle Emperor Cole's forces and those of the Devouring Earth and to uncover Praetoria's deepest, darkest secret. Break through the Devouring Earth's stronghold, and you'll face off against the devastatingly dangerous Avatar of Hamidon.

New Power Set: Time Manipulation

Time Manipulation is a new primary power set for Defenders, and a secondary power set for Controllers, Corrupters, and Masterminds. It's available free to all VIP players. Channel potent temporal energies to alter the very forces of time to help your allies or devastate your foes.

New Costume Sets: IDF and Defense

You can select from two new costume sets with Issue 21: Freedom.
The IDF costume set gives you access to the power armor worn by the powerful IDF troopers. Wear it, and project a tough, militaristic bearing.

While the IDF costume set has tech-oriented costume pieces, the Defense costume set offers a new set of sleek, realistic, skintight costume options. Wear these more traditional pieces to display grace and confidence, or to emphasize the aerodynamic nature of your flight powers.

New Starting Experience

Galaxy City is under attack, and you are thrown immediately into the middle the fray! A new co-op tutorial orients you in the world of City of Heroes, testing you with the moral choices that will determine your future as a Hero or a Villain. In this new starting experience, you can play using any of the Archetypes from the start with no alignment restriction. You will then take part in ongoing training missions in Atlas Park and Mercy Island that will let you further your growth, learn more about the game world and the game's features, and test you to master your skills as a Hero or Villain.

*All players can enter First Ward, but to play its missions you must be a VIP player or purchase that content from the Paragon Market
**Free for VIP players, or you can buy this from the Paragon Market.