Issue 18 Overview

Issue 18 Overview

The eighteenth free expansion for City of Heroes® introduces major new game upgrades and is the milestone for the release of the content in the City of Heroes Going Rogue™ expansion.

  • Tips System
    The Tips System gives players a new way to find missions. During play, foes Level 20 or higher may drop notes or clues, or offer information. These Tips start new mission arcs, allowing characters to face new opponents and challenges.
  • One Auction House for All
    Players of all alignments, whether they are Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes, or Rogues, can now use any Wentworth's Consignment House or Black Market venue.
  • Trading Between Alignments
    Heroes and Villains can now trade Inspirations in co-op zones. Players can even mail certain items to their own characters using the global email system.
  • Mission Architect Additions
    With the inclusion of doppelgangers, your character can now fight against himself or herself!
  • New Hardware Support
    City of Heroes now supports Alienware AlienFX®.

Cathedral of Pain

Issue 18: Shades of Gray reintroduces the long-awaited Cathedral of Pain Trial. The Cathedral of Pain is the name of one of the strongholds of Ruularu the Ravager, a cosmic entity with unimaginable powers. Inside the heavily defended Cathedral of Pain, Ruularu is attempting to pierce the barrier between his realm and our reality. If he succeeds, Rularuu gains ultimate power, and our dimension will be obliterated.

Only you and your allies can stop Ruularu.

The Cathedral of Pain is one of the most challenging trials in City of Heroes. Up to 24 Level 35 to 50 characters can work together to take down the Soldiers of Ruularu, Psionic Resonators, and ultimately an aspect of Ruularu himself. You have only one hour to complete your mission.

If your group manages to stop Ruularu's insane scheme, your courage will be rewarded! You can earn Merit Rewards, or even earn a rare badge to celebrate this epic victory. But be on guard--Ruularu will return.

City of Heroes Going Rogue Expansion

The free benefits of Issue 18 pale in comparison to the new game features, power sets, customization options, adventures, and brand new world of Praetoria to explore in the City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion.

Find out more about Going Rogue by visiting the official City of Heroes Going Rogue website.